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Dance has been at the core of human civilization for centuries. Whether it is a celebrated part of a culture, or simply something done for pure enjoyment, there’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement. 

Created in 2010, by certified Irish Dance teacher, Patricia McGuigan, TCRG, the mission of Celtic Cardio® is to provide students with any level, or zero Irish dance experience,  a unique environment in which they can enjoy the health benefits of Irish dance for fitness, while also enjoying "the craic" (fun) in a social atmosphere. 

Irish dance is a particularly high energy style, its quick timed movements-- and the upbeat traditional Irish tunes and popular pub songs we use to accompany it will make it hard to want to stop moving...creating a great cardiovascular workout.

Our highly trained and skilled instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching students of all ages and levels.

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